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This list of over 1000 youtubers is meant for indie developers to be able to get in contact with the youtubers! Feel free to follow me and ask any questions you might have on twitter!

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If you would like to help maintain the list, suggest changes or get access to the full list with more information like email addresses on google drive (see preview screenshot below), please send an email detailing your inquiry or why you should have access to

youtubers at brightside-games dot com

Please notice if you would like to have full access I need your google enabled email address and a clear intent that you are willing to use and support this list in a positive spirit.

If you are a youtuber who would like to be added or correct information please let us know as well and Provide as much information as you can!
(YT Screenname, Subscribers, Language, EMail, Real Name, Twitter Screenname, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitch, Platforms:Console/PC/Mac/Mobile, Reviews Indie Games?, Favorite Genres, Genres not liked)

We might update this website in the future to allow for direct editing and easier access.
Right now this is the only solution we can provide.

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